How to find the best Cricket Betting Sites

  • Tuesday, Jun 1, 2021

Are you looking to start cricket betting online and not sure of how to find the best cricket betting sites? If that’s your goal, you are on the right page. Relax as we take you through all a beginner needs to know to start online cricket betting.

In this full guide about betting on cricket on the internet, we will discuss what cricket betting is, how cricket betting works, and which formats and competitions are available for bets.

cricket betting

What is cricket betting?

Cricket bets are as old as the history of the sport. The first recorded betting in cricket began in 1660 with a stake of about £15,000. Cricket sport originated from England and spread to Australia, South Africa, and India. To bet on cricket first, you must find a team, player, and tournament and bet on the outcome of a match.

Thankfully the Internet makes it easy to see live matches, and you can do live cricket betting. There are cricket betting markets that will give you more chances to make the right prediction that will fatten your bank account.

How Cricket Bet works

Cricbuzz suggests you start cricket betting by first researching the most popular tournaments such as ICC word cup, Twenty 20, Ashes Cricket, Sheffield Shield, ICC champions.

Learn about the things that affect cricket match outcomes like odds, weather conditions, lineups, injuries, and the right betting markets. Other things to know include the key players in a cricket match such as the batsman who bats to score runs, and the bowler who throws a ball.

Cricket playing Format

In cricket sports there are three formats for playing the game. They are analyzed below.

  • Test Cricket

It is played in five days and 90 overs are bowled daily or 450 overs for the match. Each team bats and bowls twice each, one after the other. The team that scores the most runs wins.

  • ODI Cricket

One Day International is played in a day and each team will bowl and bat 50 overs each or 100 overs. The players’ peak performance makes the match unpredictable and thrilling.

  • Twenty20 cricket

This format of the game lasts for between 3 and 4 hours with a lot of ferocity and speed by players looking to win the game. Here the team will bat and bowl for 20 overs or 120 balls each. The Indian league uses the T20 cricket format.

Competitions available

There are many competitions available, but we will list the top three for you to start with. They include.

Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League is a prestigious league to follow. The season opens in March or April. The league is an example of the Twenty20 format. The best bowlers and batsmen compete to outscore each other in a round-robin that leads to a final of the top 4 teams. IPL prediction is one of the ways to bet on cricket online.

Cricket World Cup

ICC cricket world cup is a cricket event that occurs in a One-Day International (ODI) format. It assembles the best players in the world who play in top teams to compete for the cricket cup. The games are action and exciting and making match predictions can be rewarding.

The Ashes

This test series features England and Australia in a contest to determine the champion. The teams come with their top batsmen and bowlers to give their best to fans.

The event is an online cricket betting market for fans to predict the matches played in both countries.

How to find the best cricket betting sites

Finding the best betting sites for cricket could be challenging for a beginner to online cricket betting. If you are reading this piece, that won’t be the case anymore.

Here is a list of sites that our cricket betting experts say are the best with the reasons they are among the top betting sites : Bet365, Betway Sports, 22bet, and Spin Sports. All of them have the following features.

Safety and Security

Security is key for any gambler betting their hard-earned money hence, it was our priority when researching the best online cricket betting sites. On these websites we are suggesting to you, your data and financial information are safe.

Reputation and History

There are Bookmakers all over the internet but not all of them are of equal rating. This list has tested and reliable operators with many years of consistent performance as sportsbooks, to give you peace of mind while you make your bets and collect winnings.

Banking Options

Multiple banking options are vital for any of the best cricket betting sites. All the suggested sites have multiple easy-to-use deposits and withdrawals options. Quickly transfer money in and out of your gambling account without any questions.

Bonuses and Promotions

These sites have the best welcome bonuses for new bettors. Use the bonuses and promotions to start betting. Read the terms and conditions before accepting the offer.

Ease of Use/Mobile Compatibility

Beautiful, easy-to-use, and responsive mobile websites are needed for betting. You won’t have to search and scroll endlessly for information.

Recommended Sites’ pages load fast and are arranged with the betting information you need to make that bet now. You can view enormous Cricket betting markets to make your bets using your Android or IOS smart devices.

Excellent Customer Support

The best cricket bookies online have courteous customer support that outperforms other betting sites providing you with top-quality service whenever you need them.

Furthermore, you can download cricket betting apps that mimic the best betting sites’ desktop sites to your smart devices. Some cricket betting sites in this post, offer quality apps that serve you in your language, enable you to watch live-streaming matches, make live betting, enjoy bonuses and promotions, and efficient payment methods. Download apps from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Some cricket betting markets

There are many betting markets you should learn about to bet professionally and profit. They include:

  • Betting to predict the outcome of a match between two teams subject to the prevailing bookmaker's odds for that game.
  • Bet on a team and player total score
  • Bet on what a games' score will be
  • Bet on the top batsman on a game
  • Bet on the best player and man of the match
  • Bet to win the toss
  • Bet on highest first six overs
  • Bet on first innings 50
  • Top 2 finish,
  • Top wicket-taker
  • Top finish bottom

These are the most popular cricket betting markets, but there are more betting markets.