The Sports Industry and Sports Shops

  • Saturday, Jan 23, 2021

The sports and leisure industry is massive, being worth almost £24 billion in the UK, and is responsible for creating almost one million jobs in the UK. 2% of the British workforce belong to this industry. A massive part of this, and a high percentage of these jobs, comes from sales to customers via sports shops. There are a wide variety of sports shops available for every discipline. Following sports that were typically seen as niche, such as MMA or cricket, gaining popularity, demand for all types of sportswear, and equipment has skyrocketed. UK shops carry clothing and equipment supporting teams and clubs and catering for activities from all over the world.

Large Chain Sports Shops

Another advantage of large chain sports shops is their ability to offer a wide range of sizes and styles for different sports and activities. For example, they may have a large selection of running shoes for different types of runners, such as those with wide feet or those who need extra support. They may also offer a variety of different types of sports equipment for different sports, such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, and hockey sticks. This allows customers to find the right equipment for their specific needs and preferences.

In addition, large chain sports shops often have sales and promotions that can help customers save money on their purchases. They also offer loyalty programs and rewards that can help customers save even more money over time. These rewards programs can include discounts on future purchases, free shipping, or even cash back.

Overall, large chain sports shops offer a wide range of products at competitive prices and have the added advantage of sponsorship and brand visibility. They also provide a wide range of sizes and styles to cater to different sports and activities. The convenience of online shopping and the added perks like sales, promotions and rewards programs also make them a popular choice for consumers.

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Sportswear Brands & Sponsorships

Speaking of sponsorships, sportswear brands have a long history of sponsoring sports teams, leagues, and events. The sponsorship allows the brands to associate themselves with a sport and its values, as well as gain exposure through the media coverage of the events.

One of the most recognizable sportswear brands is Nike. The company has sponsored numerous sports teams and events, including the Brazilian national soccer team, the NFL, and the Olympics. Moreover, Nike has also been the official sponsor of the All Blacks, the national New Zealand rugby team, since 1998, providing them with uniforms, equipment, and training gear. The partnership has helped to establish Nike as a leading brand in the rugby world and has provided the All Blacks with the latest in performance technology. Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan and iconic swoosh logo have become synonymous with sports and athleticism.

Adidas is another major sportswear brand that has a significant presence in the sponsorship world. The company has sponsored major soccer teams such as Real Madrid and Manchester United, as well as athletes like Lionel Messi and James Harden. They also sponsor major sports events like the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions League. Adidas has also been the official sponsor of the French national rugby team since 2011, providing them with uniforms, equipment and training gear. The partnership has helped to establish Adidas as a leading brand in the rugby world and has provided the French national team with the latest in performance technology.

Puma is another sportswear brand that has a strong presence in sports sponsorship. They have sponsored numerous soccer teams, such as Borussia Dortmund and AC Milan, as well as athletes such as Usain Bolt. Puma is also the official sponsor of the Jamaican national team.

Other sportswear brands such as Under Armour, New Balance and ASICS also sponsor sports teams and events, as well as individual athletes. These sponsorships can include providing uniforms, training gear, and equipment, as well as financial support for teams and athletes. In fact, Under Armour is the sponsor for the Welsh Rugby Union team and also provides them with uniforms, equipment and training gear

In addition to traditional sports teams and events, sportswear brands have also started to sponsor esports teams and events. This is a relatively new area of sponsorship, but one that is rapidly growing as esports continues to gain popularity. Sportswear brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Puma have started to sponsor esports teams, providing uniforms and equipment for professional gamers.

Oddly enough, however, it doesn’t seem that the Six Nations itself has a sportswear brand sponsoring it. Instead, the Six Nations is sponsored by Guinness (a beer brand), Breitling (a watch brand), Sage (a business management solution), and TikTok (a social media site). On the topic of the Six Nations, however, you can find our favourites for the Six Nations on our site. We love rugby union as much as anyone else, so we thought highlighting our favourites would only be natural.

Supporting Charities

Sports shops have a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on their local communities by sponsoring sports-related charities like the Yorkshire Sport Foundation. Not only do these partnerships help promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles, but they also help to build a brand’s reputation as a socially responsible and community-minded business.

By sponsoring a charity like the Yorkshire Sport Foundation, sports shops can help support a wide range of programs and initiatives designed to increase participation in sports and physical activity across their community. These programs might include things like after-school sports clubs, community sports events, and initiatives aimed at getting more women and people with disabilities involved in sport.

Through sponsorship, sports shops can help provide much-needed funding for these programs, which often struggle to secure the necessary resources to operate. This financial support can be critical in ensuring that these initiatives can continue to operate and provide valuable opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to get involved in sports.

But sponsorship is not just a one-way street. By partnering with a charity like the Yorkshire Sport Foundation, sports shops can also benefit from increased brand exposure and awareness. The charity’s network and audience can provide a valuable platform for reaching new customers and building a positive reputation as a business that cares about its community.

Moreover, by supporting a charitable organization focused on promoting sports and physical activity, sports shops can align themselves with a cause that resonates with their target customers. In doing so, they can build stronger relationships with their customers and enhance their brand loyalty.

In conclusion, it is clear that sports shops have much to gain from sponsoring sports-related charities like the Yorkshire Sport Foundation. By supporting these programs and initiatives, they can make a real difference in their communities, while also building a strong and positive brand image. So, let’s encourage more sports shops to get involved in sponsorship and help promote the benefits of physical activity and sports for everyone.

Independent Sports Shops

Independent sports shops also tend to have a more specialized product range. They may focus on a specific sport or type of equipment, such as running or swimming. They also tend to carry a wider range of sizes and styles, catering to different body types, skill levels, and preferences. For example, a runner may be able to find a wider range of running shoes, including those for specific types of terrain and foot shape, at an independent sports store than at a large chain store.

Additionally, independent sports shops often have strong relationships with local sports clubs and organizations. They may sponsor local teams or provide equipment and uniforms for youth leagues. This allows them to build a strong sense of community and loyalty among customers who are passionate about a particular sport.

However, independent sports shops also have their own set of challenges. They often have smaller marketing budgets and limited resources, which make it harder for them to attract new customers and compete with larger chain stores. They also have to deal with the rising costs of rent, labor, and inventory, which can put a strain on their bottom line.

Overall, independent sports shops provide a valuable service to their local communities, offering personalized advice and specialized products that are not always available at large chain stores. They also play an important role in supporting local sports clubs and organizations, fostering a sense of community and passion for sports. However, they also face significant challenges in today’s retail market, and it is important for them to find ways to innovate and differentiate themselves in order to thrive.

Niche Sports Shops

One of the advantages of niche sports shops is that they provide a wide variety of specialized products that may not be available in larger chain stores or general sports shops. These stores often stock specialized equipment and gear that is specific to the sport, such as boxing gloves, martial arts weapons, or snooker cues. This allows customers to find exactly the right type of equipment for their specific needs, which can be especially important for athletes who are serious about their sport.

Another advantage of niche sports shops is that they often have a high level of customer service. The staff in these stores are often passionate about the sport or club they represent and are able to provide expert advice and guidance to customers. This can be especially beneficial for those who are new to a sport or club, as they can learn from the experience of the staff. Additionally, the staff in these stores are often able to order specific items that may not be in stock, which can be a great convenience for customers.

Overall, niche sports shops are a great resource for sports enthusiasts and athletes. They offer a wide variety of specialized products and expert advice, which can be especially beneficial for those who are serious about their sport or club. Additionally, many of these stores offer a personalized and welcoming shopping experience, which can be a great way to connect with like-minded people who share a love for the sport or club.

Sports Shops for Every Need

While internet shopping has taken over shopping in physical stores for many types of purchases, sports shops are still popular. In many cases, this is due to the need for items such as football boots or pointe shoes to be fitted or to discuss appropriate products with an expert, such as if buying products such as boxing gloves. Some shops, particularly those catering to more niche sports can often form part of that community. The service provided, particularly in the more niche stores but also in the large chain sports stores, can never be replicated online, and this is why sports shops, in all their variations, will always be popular.